Go Ape! (8)

Go Ape! (8) (Photo credit: weelassie)

My smallest son was twelve this weekend. Not quite a teen but barely a boy so perhaps a tween. If you share your home with any tweenie boys then I’m sure the presents he received will not surprise you!

  • From Molly and Rod (his grandparents) a swiss army knife. They didn’t even ask me first. I was quick to assert that should he require a lift to A&E to re-attach his finger-tips, or any body part he accidentally hacks off, to call them first!
  • Fantasy fiction, as long as it features some of the following it’s a sure-fire quick read: trolls, swords, battles, mythical lands, mythical beasts, humble heroes (well you get the picture), Stuart Hill is popular around here at the moment.
  • Chocolate.
  • More chocolate.
  • Go Ape session. If you don’t live in the UK, close to a site managed and run by the Forestry Commission you may not know that Go Ape is a highly lucrative opportunity to thrill tweens, teens and adrenalin fiends by making them traverse the tree tops on wires and ropes. For the rest of us (including Rod, who is 70+) this was more of a challenge of endurance. When my shaky feet finally hit the ground (at the end of a 100m+ zip wire descent) I was absolutely shattered. Two days later I can barely move and certainly not cough without some discomfort!
  • Chocolate fudge cake.
  • Red Beret (to be warn when shooting his BB gun in the grounds).
  • Onesie. Until a few months ago I didn’t even know what a onesie was. Imagine a large, tween-sized baby-gro, in this case decorated with a large union jack motif and made of soft fleece. Surely the perfect garment for watching the 2012 London Olympics as a couch potato!