Hi! I am a writer, and it’s my job to shepherd all the words you see on this page. They are my flock.

I’m going to use these pages to share my view on the world and talk about my big writing projects. I also want to give you a brief glimpse of other wonderful people (clients) who have encouraged me to shepherd their words:

  • Farnham Maltings, who commissioned me to write a history of the Maltings. Hours shut away in a dusty storeroom, sowed the seeds for a complex multi-narrative work, that wove the history of the building with the stories of the people who use the space to create and share.
  • UCA Farnham, over a period of years I’ve worked on nearly the entire range of their publications, including: editing and copy writing for their first three websites; editing prospectuses; researching, writing and designing a research brochure; editing their environmental plan; editing and designing a HEIST award winning Annual Report and graduation brochure – phew!
  • Elsmleigh House Dental Clinic recently asked me to help with all their marketing and communications. The new website is the result of hours of research, whilst the blog aims to demystify dentistry.
  • Guilfest, AQA, Farnham Organics, Weydon School, The West End Centre and The Vine Day Centre who have all given me responsibility for their brochures, newsletters and external communications… I’m still not 100% sure how I ended up prowling the streets of Farnham in a banana costume though!
  • EcoEthos magazine, my first taste of magazine publishing, which gave me the chance to interview, write, edit and design a publication that was passionate about living on a local scale. Intoxicating.
English: Farnham Maltings, Bridge Square, Farn...

Farnham Maltings